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[GTC Platform] Expected Downtime for Scheduled Maintenance

  • 14 August 2019
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The GTC platform (https://translate-coursera.org) will be down for maintenance and inaccessible on August 15, 2019 from 1pm to 8pm, Pacific Time. This is to implement a large-scale migration project that aims to improve stability and prevent recurring platform issues.

We will update you if there are any changes to the plan.

You can find a list of expected changes below:

  • We’re adopting a new backend for course and file listing, which should resolve missing/duplicate courses and lectures.
  • Note: the GTC data is cached and refreshed periodically, so there is a delay between when new data is published and when it appears in the GTC. This may temporarily result in missing courses, or in lectures that do not have translation links. Additionally, courses that have community translations disabled at the request of our partners will no longer appear in the GTC listing, instead of appearing with “Blocked” in the title.
  • Lectures on the Project Detail page will appear in the same order that they appear in the course.
  • Due to Smartling limitations, we will no longer be able to track translator contributions/history on an individual course-level. This means the list of translators and reviewers who participated in each project will no longer be on the Project Detail page. Course language coordinators will continue to be displayed, and the leaderboard will continue to work.
  • “Your Recent Translations (Past 30 Days)" view on the home page will be removed due to API limitations. We recommend that you take note of your recent course titles and bookmark their Project Detail pages once the migration has rolled out.
  • Pre-migration links and bookmarks to Smartling and GTC project pages will no longer work, as the asset storage structure will be shifting. We recommend that you take note of your active course projects and find them after the migration to update any links and bookmarks you may have.
  • The course title in the Project Detail page will link to the course home page on Coursera.
  • The Planning page will have links to the Project Detail page for each course.
  • Course lists on the Overview, Translate, and Planning pages will load incrementally. This means that data will start to appear faster than before, but that you may need to wait for additional data to load before a particular course appears in the listing. Any sorting will not occur until all available courses have loaded.

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