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What will you learn in Cultural Connection Week?

  • 19 April 2019
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What will you learn in Cultural Connection Week?
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🌏 You are invited to a celebration of cultures around the world! 🌎

From Monday, 29 April to Friday, 3 May we will be hosting a cultural exchange here in the Coursera Community. Our aim is to increase awareness of different cultures and traditions and to celebrate the incredible diversity that strengthens us as a global community.

Coursera community members from a wide range of different cultural backgrounds will be sharing about their culture(s) through a short video, presentation, or paragraph post.

How can you participate?

Challenge yourself to learn something new during Cultural Connection Week. Read or watch what other community members have shared. Reflect on your own cultural background and cultural awareness. Then, think about questions that will help you deepen your understanding. Interact with other community members – ask questions and engage in conversation. Community members who have shared an aspect of their culture will be around to answer questions to 3 May. Find Cultural Connection Week posts here.

What is culture, anyway?

Culture can be defined in many ways. And culture is not static. For example, traditions, foods, and customs evolve over time. Culture is always changing due to new ideas, environmental shifts, and technological advances. Community members who choose to share aspects of their culture(s) are sharing based on their personal experience. Please keep in mind that there's a huge amount of variety within every culture, and nobody can speak for an entire group of people.

Here's a great overview of culture and identity.

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Cheers @Laura,

Due to my desire to participate, i signed up and received a nice email with the title of Guide for the Week of Cultural Connection, it is good to know that the culture is so diverse and wide at the same time, so we can share a lot, also that we have some advice to know what to write in this event is wonderful, I am preparing some of personal photos according to the theme of my culture that i chose and maybe add a technical presentation to provide more information about this beautiful tradition of the village of Sucre - Colombia, which has witnessed my childhood and my youth, i hope that there is a good participation and also motivate a cordialy invitation the members of the community to know or read the posts to generate a space for social interaction.