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What do you think of the Coursera Community?

  • 19 December 2018
  • 10 replies

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The community is pretty new so we'd love to get your feedback so we can improve it for you all! Please complete this very short, anonymous survey to give us your opinions. Thanks!

Fill out the survey

10 replies

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Very important research👓
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Great insight! @Claire
Please are we meant to respond here on the "Reply" column after filling out the survey forms?
Thank you.
@Claire , please let us know the results of this survey. It might make for interesting discussion too.Thanks.😀
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Good Morning

this is agood idea to reach All to gether for more and help infos

Best Wishes,
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@Terry no need to reply here unless you'd like to also share some thoughts publicly. You're more than welcome to do so - I think a discussion about the community could also be very helpful for identifying areas for improvement, perhaps different things than people think of when just thinking on their own.

@Judith yes, we'll share the results once we've collected them and had a chance to analyze them.
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Okay @Claire, Thank you.
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I completed the survey
Interesting how InSided promotes its product as being cost reducing for companies that use it, by using the companies’ customers as a free Help Center for those companies


Coursera learners become the Help Center! Hopefully the real Help Center will stay operational as many learners in courses are not in this community (yet)
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Answering other users/customer's questions and supplementing a help center is a very common use-case for a community but it's not something we plan to focus on for Coursera.
Good to know, @Claire ! I noticed that students said that the HC referred them to this community. No demise of the HC then!