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Share what you learned in Grammar and Punctuation

Share what you learned in Grammar and Punctuation
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The course of the week is Grammar and Punctuation, offered by University of California, Irvine.

@Claire and I are hoping that together we can help people find great courses through the community. Every week, we're featuring a course and inviting people to share their course highlights and how they're using what they learned.

Below are some questions for inspiration. Feel free to answer any or all of them – or share something else.

If you've taken Grammar and Punctuation ...

What did you like about it?

What were the key skills and knowledge you gained from the course?

What have you done with what you learned?

Who would benefit from taking this course?

Are you interested in answering questions about the course from people who may want to enroll?

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I enjoyed to take this course because it was helpful to me how to use punctuaction in English language. My mother tongue is Portuguese, and a course that focus on punctuaction is extremely useful to improve my skills in the target language which, in case, is English.
This course was more than amazing 😍

I learned loads of new things. I liked the instructor, she was so professional. I liked the exercises that were provided. I totally recommend the course, who takes it will improve the punctuation skills.
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Hi there! In the course I learned so many things, and every minute spent on the course material has been invaluable thereafter. I learned how to apply commas, colons, semicolons, ellipsis, elision, and paragraphing. I learned to write in an organised and effective way; met a number of good friends:)

I apply the knowledge in many contexts today, from formal academic to tough business, and it helps much of a great deal. Establishing relationships with an investment banker, exchanging info with a Big4 firm, giving a presentation before either a crowd or a group of investors - these all require grammar, punctuation, and aptitude, let alone strong guts.

Ms Tamy Chapman, the course instructor, is highly professional and knowledgeable, supportive and easily understood. Just do what she says, and you gonna rock:)

Just like anything else, the course is challenging, time-consuming, and almost unbearable in terms of concentration you need. Yet you do need to have the knowledge and the skills acquired.

If you want to succeed, of course:)
This was the easiest course on Coursera. I completed this course in a week. It taught me the basic grammar, the types of sentences, and the punctuation e.g. use of commas. The best thing about this course is that it is from UCI, which offers the best courses.
This course was well designed and enjoyable.
The course helped me to improve my English writing skills. It also improved my French writing skills because English and French grammar have common rules.
It is a good course with many virtual resources to learn and you can also read the papers of the other people. It has been a good experience
Grammar and Punctuation is the first course of the specialization Academic English Writing. It is a well written review of the important aspects of writing. In addition, it provides useful links to enhance comprehension and practice. This course helped me refresh grammar and punctuation aspects of the language that most of the time we don’t get to study in depth unless we are focusing on doing so. It also gave me ideas to create other ways to teach grammar and to incorporate it in my classes. We all know, writing is a skill that requires as much purposeful practice as understanding of the functions of the words in sentences as knowing how to use punctuation marks correctly to successfully communicate our thoughts. A comma, or a wrong tense can completely change what we mean to express. Therefore, by understanding these aspects of the language and utilizing different sentence types we are able to write more efficient and effectively. Grammar and Punctuation gave me the opportunity to look at my own writing and to find ways to improve my own teaching.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their academic English writing skills will benefit from this course. I would say English learners, college students, professionals in different fields, and writers. The instructors are effective communicators, and the content targets key aspects of the writing process.
I don’t mind answering questions about this course. I enjoyed it. Thank you
Maria Pearsall
I don’t mind answering questions about this course. I enjoyed it. Thank you
Maria Pearsall

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the post. Would you recommend the course to a high-school student?
Have you looked at the English grammar resources on Khan Academy and if you have, may I get your take on one versus the other?

Hi, I think one of the key aspects of successfully navigating through this course is the English level of the learner. This course is not designed to teach English but to develop reading and writing at a college Level. Unless the learner is proficient in English then attempting it will likely lead to frustration and discouragement. However, a high school student will benefit from it if his English level is not at a beginner stage.

I believe a prerequisite to take this course should include a student's ability to write and read at an intermediate level. This will improve the quality of feedback among learners, and it will enable learners to benefit from giving and receiving feedback. In my experience, this encourages participation and provides more opportunities to challenge English language learners to improve their writing skills without feeling frustrated about the language or the task they are required to do.

In relation to your question:” Have you looked at the English grammar resources on Khan Academy and if you have, may I get your take on one versus the other?” I have worked with both. Khan Academy videos are very useful, and they also aim to improve the language learners’ writing skills. However, their formats and goals are different. They not only differ in terms of the audience and skills they target, but their format allows for other elements to be practiced, for example the concept of cohesiveness in writing. Khan videos are also intended to target common elements of tests like the SAT and/or the AP exams. Whereas English Composition I at Coursera does not teach any of these aspects. In the Khan videos learners are taken step by step through the English composition process while being taught the linguistic aspects of the language their own pace. Unlike English composition I where they do not. English Composition I is a four-week course that enables learners to polish writing skills, but it does not take the learner through the complexities of the writing process.
In my opinion, English Composition assumes learners who enrolled in the course have acquired all the necessary skills to successfully complete the course. However, both are excellent resources to enhance writing skills.
For me, Grammar and Punctuation course has been clarifying the confusions of using the correct punctuation and some types of verbs. Furthermore, I have been learning how to use parallel structure and write sentences variety. In fact, this training course makes significant impact in my writing skills. Additionally, driven by an awesome constriction of the lessons and excellent explanation of the instructors, I have became very passionate to enroll in all advance classes. As a freelance Journalist, this course and the ongoing course that I studying will makes significant impact in my career. Grammar and Punctuation training course is a great opportunity for any anyone who have not native English language and those have studying in English college.
Many thanks for University of California, Irvine and courser for this awesome opportunities and for course
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Great to hear from so many of you about this course! It sounds like you gained some really useful knowledge.

A comma, or a wrong tense can completely change what we mean to express.

@MariaP, your comment here reminds me of the example I've often seen used to show how important a comma can be: "Let's eat Grandma!" means something quite different than, "Let's eat, Grandma!"
I really enjoyed taking this course. I've learnt English by myself, and hadn't seen much of grammar. I still need to work a lot, and Grammar and Punctuation had been a start for me.

It was great course.