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On tragedy and learning

  • 22 April 2019
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As we prepare for Cultural Connection Week (April 29–May 3) here in the community, the news from Sri Lanka this past Sunday weighs heavily on me. Because another way that we often come together as a global community is when there is a sudden large loss of life. Two of my dearest friends are Sri Lankan, and my heart is broken for them, their families, and their communities as they grieve.

While it's natural to feel empathy and sadness and confusion (and more) after a mass tragedy, we can also be proactive: we can recommit to building our intercultural understanding. I'm hopeful that as we celebrate our global diversity, we "create connections and cultivate respect." (See Racism. No way!'s overview of intercultural understanding.) I'm grateful for the amazing Coursera community we've created here. Let's keep learning from each other. 💜

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Dear @Laura,

Observing the link to the news, it is a very delicate and sad matter, even more so for places like the church that should be considered sacred by the historical tradition through time, citing the words of the Cardinal Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith, told: "It's a very difficult and very sad situation for all of us because we never expected such a thing to happen and especially on Easter Sunday."
They are things that should not happen and they are regrettable. That's why, like you, my words are to continue striving to share a fraternity culture, to know that we can be people who share their desire to make a better world and this initiative by Coursera encourages that ideal, to feel a unity community and knowing that we are safe, always with the motivation to help others.
For my part i have already taken some photos which i want to show the culture of my region and motivated to share that granite of humility and affection for all.

My good will and regards.