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Now open: Coursera Ideas & Suggestions forum

  • 18 June 2019
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I'm excited to share that we now have a dedicated space where you can submit feature requests:

Coursera Ideas & Suggestions

Many of you have shared feature requests (these posts have been moved to the new forum already), so we decided to dedicate a forum to this. In Coursera Ideas & Suggestions, other community members can vote for your idea. Here's how it looks:

We also have a forum where you can submit ideas for courses, Specializations, etc. that you'd like to see on Coursera:

Course Suggestions

Best Practices

1. Before sharing a request or idea, check to see if it exists already. The Help Center has articles that cover common questions and issues. If you're not sure whether a feature exists, you can ask here in the community first.

2. Search the forum to see whether someone else has already made this suggestion – if so, vote for their suggestion. You can also add a reply to the thread if you have more information that would be helpful.

3. Write a descriptive title for your post so it's easy for other community members to find.

4. In the post:
  • Describe what the current issue is and include screenshots if it helps explain the issue
  • Explain why the feature is important to you – what would it help you achieve?
  • Propose a solution (if you can)

What happens next?

We'll pass ideas with a high number of votes on to our product team. Thank you for your patience with this process. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions and ideas with Coursera.

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