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Listen to an interview with the CEO of Coursera

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There's a new podcast in town! The GSV AcceleraTE podcast interviewed Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda in their inaugural episode "for a discussion on MOOCs [massive open online courses], online degrees, and a look under the hood at Coursera as they push the limits of online education."

Edited 17 Dec 2018 to add this easy-to-access link provided by @Maryam: Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda joins GSV partner Julia Stiglitz for a discussion on MOOCs. Thank you, Maryam!

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Is there an easier way to get the podcast than to subscribe to some site @Laura ?
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A subscription is not necessary for listening to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. 🙂
in iTunes I have to subscribe to a site, the link to Stitcher does not work for me 😢
Btw, you are trying very hard to keep this platform alive @Laura,. Do you think it is a viable venture? I have not seen any meaningful scientific discussions yet, which I was looking forward to
Are there dates yet for the domain subjects to be incorporated into this platform?
This page provides a "download" option as well as the "episode transcript".
I think everyone can access its content without difficulty.
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@Lochcarron, we aim to add the rest of the subject areas over the course of 2019. I wouldn't really expect to see much scientific discussion until we add some of the science forums, but we will be adding Health (the new name for our current Life Sciences domain) in January. If you'd like to encourage more science discussion, feel free to share the links to some science threads from this forum in the discussion forums for relevant courses. (Same goes for any other subject discussions anyone is passionate about starting).


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