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Job opening

Job opening with Coursera in Gurgaon, India

  • 11 June 2019
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Job opening with Coursera in Gurgaon, India
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Are you excited about learning?

Do you have entrepreneurial drive?

Can you quickly become an expert in Coursera's content catalog?

If you answered yes to these questions and you live in/near Gurgaon, India, then check out this new job posting! Coursera is hiring an Enterprise Skill Transformation, APAC Contractor.

Edited 26 June 2019 to add: You can find the listing by going to and then scrolling down to the openings listed under "Enterprise."

And here's the job posting on LinkedIn.

I'd love to see someone hired someone from our learning community!

If this isn't the job for you, we have many more openings – from London to NYC to Toronto to Abu Dhabi to Mountain View: Open positions at Coursera.

Please note: I'm just the messenger! Unfortunately I don't have specific knowledge about the role(s) beyond what's in the job posting. All interested candidates need to apply through one of the links above.

3 replies

Hey Laura,

I am Vikas student on Coursera for a long time. Coursera really help me in building my career, now I am also serving as a mentor. So, I have good knowledge of the platform and its content available on it with communication skills.
I lived in Area of Jobs and I also interested in the program I want this job so you help me in getting it.
thank you
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Hi @Vikas Rathee. Thanks for being a long-time Coursera learner and a mentor! I'm not able to help you get this job, but please apply if you've read the job description and think it's a good match for your skills. To apply, you can follow one of the links in the original post or submit your application here.
I am not asking for a favour Laura, as I am known to the fair process of hiring of Coursera, but there are tons of application's for the same role. So I am just asking you to refer my resume to the recruiters if you can and if not then also it is fine, I have already applied to this job
Thanks again!!