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How many Coursera employees take Coursera courses?

How many Coursera employees take Coursera courses?
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Have you wondered whether people working at Coursera actually take Coursera courses?

Well, we do!

Last year we set a goal: 90% of employees would complete one course on Coursera by the end of 2018. How did we do? Find out in this blog post by Coursera's Director of Learning & Development @Ian.

Some of us take more courses than others. Pssst, @Alexandra, how many courses have you completed?

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Thank you @Laura

Inspired by the expertise of our global partners and fueled by a shared passion with our millions of learners around the world (you all!), I have completed 50 courses on Coursera so far. From computer programming to philosophy, business leadership to poetry, I am am always delighted to dive into new topics :)

Curious: have you found a subject area on Coursera that you didn't previously know existed but now are excited by? For me, this is the magic of online, lifelong learning!

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This sheds light on questions I've had. I have often ask myself does Coursera hire people who have completed courses from their platform or if any of their employees completed courses.

I have applied for jobs with Coursera, but no luck... So this kinda answers some questions I've had.
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hi guys, I feel I have earned far more certificates than I could have ever imagined and that also after I turned 50! I can not even count those, still, try to accumulate those on my linkedin profile, as, that is a good reference page, if I need to lookup any past class. In terms of certificates I am rich, still real richness is how I use the acquired knowledge to transform my life . I would say, what really counts is what we do with the knowledge that we acquire to make the world a better place, is the philanthropic use of the certificates that endorse our learning on MOOCs. This learning should be spread with love and should encourage social justice.