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Give a shout-out to your favorite Coursera instructors!

Give a shout-out to your favorite Coursera instructors!

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Hi Greetings from a rather wet and cold Barry Town South Wales . A huge thanks to Prof Scot Plous from Wesleyan University. The Social Psychology course is supported by some amazing resources. Some useful background to some of the classic experiments of SP. I've learnt so much -even though I have a psychology degree - Prof Plous has so much passion for his subject. I particularly enjoyed the feature on international negotiations. To think that so much conflict could be avoided ! The main news in the UK is of course is Brexit. To think that the Prime Minister has come in for criticism for talking to the opposition leader . In fact some interesting comments on politics .
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I'd like to give a massive shout out to Professor Andrew Ng! His courses on Machine Learning and Deep Learning got me to where I am today. In all my years of formal education, I've never met anyone who can break down concepts and explain as well as Professor Ng does. A massive thank you to you!
Pr. A. Ng was already mentioned in those shout-out (twice indeed), but since his ML course is seen by many other teachers as the definitive introduction to ML course, let me please mention him again.

Does't hurt that he's a co-founder of Coursera either :)

A special congratulation to another outstanding professor for a well deserved 2018 Turing Award: Pr. G. Hinton (shared award with Pr J. Bengio and Pr Y. LeCun).
I have to thanks many of Coursera Instructor, the last one in order of time is Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology but I also appreciated a lot :

Stew Friedman and his course "lead the life you want".

Ronald Fry of "Appreciative Inquiry"

Richard Boyatzis "Conversations that inspire: Coaching learning, Leadership and Change

many others have contributed to my growth and I'm really gratefull to them
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Hi All,

Ideeply Appreciate your thread here ifind it excellent same ihave got story in 2015 when iopened my coursera account in 2012 ihavn't abig view because ididn't understand what mean ihave got much coursera by email the first class istarted withe oregon university withe elementary level istudes withe children after this periode ibegan to understand somthing no thought in the past was really real until 2015 istarted withe the excellent teacher in Financial Market iwas really encouraging by him and coursera team to follow courses iwas surprised how ihave got certificates at this time ijust would to say thank you for All sharing help in this field

Good Luck


Thanks to Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, for his course on An introduction on consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. It made me develop a keen interest in the subject and help me conduct my own research in the field.
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Good day ladies and sirs!

Under an unwritten general law, teachers, who share parts of their personal life to describe, explain, transfer to learners their experience on the subject they teach, they immediately show their close connection with that subject. Revealed the profound link, the bidirectional relation between their life and teaching. And that is being transferred/ mixed with their love, passion, dedication on what they teach. They, knowing or ignoring the fact, transfer to students not only the relevant knowledge but also the push, the motive to love that subject in respect of how that course is taught.

See, students don’t need only a dried, nude info as solution of a tied rope but the clue, the habit, the myth connected with that rope. Nice, hearing those experiences by William Kuskin’s mouth, warm stories on how he started reading Comics during his young age, and the way get stuck with those the years later up to day. Nice indeed, when these little stories are told while as teen then as teacher now, he is teaching to his students the period of birth and rise of this genre, the literary value behind a Comic. Professor William Kuskin teaches English Literature (Successful Presentation and Effective Writing) at the University of Colorado Boulder. He, together with Dr. Quentin McAndrew, who teaches American literature and business writing at the same University, consist a strong couple, two pillars of the same house in writing ability.

Professor Al Filreis also an exceptional teacher, in University of Pennsylvania Dir. Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, Faculty Dir. Kelly Writers House. He doesn't tell stories as teaching habit but from another point explains deeply every single word in the line of a poem. Extracts the gist of the meaning in a passionate and mindful way that the learner, wanting or not, in a sudden is being part of the poem.

Far ahead comes the Assistant Professor Douglas Kearney, in teaching poetry at California Institute of Arts. By a very special way of transmitting the desired knowledge, he gives to learners the keys of writing, with or without rhyme. He tackles poetry at the center of creativity that is the senses beyond time.

Also, Marc Lowenstein, teaches music theory in California Institute of Arts (Roy E. Disney Family Chair in Musical Composition). Passion, passion and logic, he offers a rich handful of knowledge adapted on the concerto of simplicity and quality.

A final touch, the cherry on top of the cake, the applause they certainly deserve all these teachers is that their character is communicative, cooperative and above all... human.

And... of course there are so many other teachers with quality and faith filling up the classes of the different institutes.
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It is so heartwarming to read your messages of appreciation and stories of how instructors have changed your life! Thank you!

We'll be celebrating all month – if you haven't shared yet, there's still time. 😉
Hi from Paris, France. I can't believe Coursera is only 7. I am under the impression that I born with it and that I can't live without because here is where I discover the new trends and the advancements in education from the best. Congratulations to Andrew NG to be cited twice in the all time most popular Hit and a special shout-out to Professor Martin HAUGH and his colleague Professor Garud IYENGAR from the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department of COLUMBIA University. In their courses Financial Engineering & Risk Management Parts I & II they introduce the "rocket science" behind financial engineering and explain how financial models should be treated in practice. Many thanks to all the Coursera team, Happy Birthday!
Big shout out to Professor Laurie Santos who teaches

She is a fantastic teacher who makes this course interesting and enjoyable.

I am 6 weeks into this complete 10 week course and look foward to each week.

Some courses I take at my own pace due to other time commitments but am abiding by the recommended timetable on this course as the structure is just right for me.

My two passions in life are adventure and learning.

When each go really well there is nothing else like it in life for me.

This course certainly makes me feel that way.

So I wanted to recognise this publicly.

My first Cousera MOOC although I have completed over 20 others since 2014 on other platforms.

One feature I really like on this course is part way through the video leactures there are pauses to take a learning quiz. I find this really useful alongside my note taking, although there is also a 'skip & continue' option for those that do not want this.

I know I will be back for more Cousera courses in the future and the recommendations by others above just confirm this for me.

Happy Birthday Cousera.
My favorite instructor has to be my son Orin Gutlerner who first got me interested in Coursera when he created 2 courses in education, “Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching...”and “Coaching Teachers: Promoting Changes that Stick”.

Thank you Orin!
Id like to give a Shout Out to all the instructors that have allowed me to mentor for them especially those that asked me to mentor for them , Their courses are all brilliant. And if you ask the same question again a few years down the road I hope I'll be able to shout out those I've not mentored for but will have taken courses that I've not yet done.
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First I would like to thank the amazing Coursera team, thank you for changing my life without even trying, you instilled in me a passion for learning!

I have accomplished various courses and appreciate all Coursera instructors, but the AI pioneer Andrew Ng inspired me a lot, he is a hero, and he is teaching people more than anyone else in the planet!

We are always proud to be learners at Coursera.
A big shout out to professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne (University of Viginia). Not only she made it easy to learn the fundamentals of project managment, but she made it fun and exciting too 🙂
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Hi everyone,

I had already highlighted my favorite courses in this thread: . Naturally their instructors also acquire the title of my favorites too! 🙂 I particularly like to mention Prof. Anees Chagpar of Introduction to Breast Cancer, Prof. Mohamed Noor of Introduction to Genetics and Evolution and Prof. Andrew Conway of Introduction to Statistics. The latter was the first ever online course I'd taken and it's still one of my top favorites. Kudos to you all and thank you so much for all the amazing work you have done for your courses! Please keep up the great work you all are doing!
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It’s been 7 years since the launch of Coursera! Since then, millions of you have joined us and taken classes from the top universities and companies in the world. We’d like to show some love and appreciation for the thousands of instructors who have worked hard to create high-quality courses so that learners from all over the world have access to the best education. Please give a shout-out to your favorite instructor(s) below!

The best course instructors who deserve to join the hall of fame are Jessica Cinco and Dr.Shane dixon of Teach English Now from Arizona state University. Of course Dr. Justin Shewell's instructional design is the best that I have ever come across. These courses are a must for all English teachers across the globe. The success of these courses depend on their ability to keep learners engaged and fully motivated.

A big thank you to Andrew Ng for his courses on Deep Learning. He’s a great teacher who makes his lessons super interesting and easy to follow.