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Create your own Coursera course collection! II

  • 5 June 2019
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Create your own Coursera course collection! II
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Back by popular demand! Have you taken multiple Coursera courses? This is your chance to create a list of courses you personally recommend. We're looking for interesting and thoughtfully curated lists. Share your collection below and we might turn it into an official Coursera Collection!

Here's how it works:
  1. Reply to this post with your list of 4 to 10 courses & Specializations
  2. Give a reason for why you included each course/Specialization
  3. Suggest a title for your collection
Keep in mind:
  • Your personal collection can have a theme, but it doesn't have to
  • There are many reasons to take courses. Your list does not need to be career-focused (though it can be!)
  • Be creative and authentic – what's special to you about this group of courses?
Check out these examples of Coursera Collections:
Get creative and have fun!

Our first "Create your own Coursera collection!" post was published in March.

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Hello @Laura it's a beautiful cover,

Wanting to participate i write a list of certain courses collection that have striking me, and i had the opportunity to do or i am doing them.

The title of the collection will be called, A Nice Tech Step, which i will organize them as think for an optimal understanding of the courses even if they are not requirements of each other.

-Python 3 Programming.
University of Michigan
-Big Data, Cloud Computing, & CDN Emerging Technologies.
Yonsei University
-Machine Learning
Standford University
-Neural Networks and Deep Learning Specialization.

To share my opinion on this concept of ai, which i feel is an interesting field, full of new concepts, methodologies and tools that allow me to do things that in a certain sense could not be done before, then i liked it a lot and it has been a excellent experience that has helped me to develop new ideas and identify new factors that can be made and used.

Something fundamental and positive that i emphasize is that due to my activities in daily living (working, caring for a family member, doing projects, among others) i have realized that once you have enrolled, if you feel that you do not have enough time within the deadlines, just change sessions and continue when you can.
Thus i find a balance between the social context and my virtual education.

Starting my description why i include them i can say,

With python 3, it helps to understand the programming language python, which is fundamental for the use of the tools of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, it's a very dynamic course, good practical activities and i feel contributes to my development in the analysis and interpretation in this field.

With Big Data, there is something to highlight about data management, knowing the storage capacity, size and dimension of the data types, in turn, knowing what are the challenges to overcome in this topic, such as, Processing Velocity, Veracity , Variety of formats and Volume of data, which is interesting. Further, it can be said that for a better performance between neural networks, the featured thing is the amount of data.

With Machine Learning, it's the technical step to develop your skills within this field, it can be said, that is the base which you will understand and identify the characteristic elements in this subject, too interesting.

And wanting to finish with deep learning, i highlight the amazing synopsis of this course "Deep learning is also a new " superpower " that will let you build AI systems that just were not possible a few years ago."

I can say that i liked it a lot, i have felt very excited about myself for taking part in these courses, i go at my own pace, sometimes i feel i can give even more, but certain factors of time make me dedicate what is necessary.
I consider this field as a long-term in my life project, so i can say that i'm starting and always i try to put my dedication and effort to continue and keep learning.

Thanks for the attention, with the hope to you like my list and wanting to see the others.