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Coursera in 2018: Year in Review

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Take a look at some of Coursera's highlights from 2018 with this review from Class Central: Coursera's 2018: Year in Review.

What are your learning highlights from 2018?

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Thank you, @Laura, for sharing this informative article with us! Wow, LHTL is still a very popular MOOC. I just wanted to add that Learning How to Learn for Youth is a new course created by Dr. Oakley and her colleagues. LHTLers might be interested in taking this course, too. 🙂
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Thanks for letting us know, @Maryam! For anyone who is interested, here's the course link: Learning How to Learn for Youth. I've heard great things about Learning How to Learn, and I think it will be my next course.
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Thanks for sharing the review. Glad to see that Coursera has done well in 2018 and is likely to sustain the growth in 2019, especially in the Corporate sector. With more institutions offering degree credentials, for those who has the focus and discipline to learn, they have the option of getting a certification with much less financial burden.

As for my 2018 highlight, I have taken a few popular courses listed. All are worthwhile. My highlight is one course not listed. It is given by Prof Wright, and the title is Buddhism and Modern Psychology.

The scope of the course excluded the mystical stuff, but the underlying premise of the Four Noble Truth and the Eight fold Path, especially the last two paths on meditation. The Modern Psychology is mostly Evolutionary Psychology where modern science explains very nicely the experience of practicing meditation. He vouched for the benefit of meditation with his personal experience as well as from the serious meditation practitioners.
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@ele81946 Thanks for sharing this course highlight. Your review has prompted me to add Buddhism and Modern Psychology to my list of courses to take!
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Great to see the development that coursera made in 2018, and will make in the future. The strategic way is definitely right, and i think we see more positive things will come. Personally i hope coursera is also partnering with more Universities and increase their course and Degree offerings.

For me my highlights was achieved the Courses Financial Markets from Yale and the Global Financial Crisis also from Yale University. The other thing was, i become Mentor in Robert Shillers course and i have good discussions with other participants.


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