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Author a Guided Project on Coursera

  • 23 February 2021
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Author a Guided Project on Coursera
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Coursera is testing a new program. We’re making our innovative Guided Project teaching tool available to you – our learner community. 

Community Guided Projects can be on any topic, are always free to learners, and don’t include a graded assessment or a certificate. 

We are initially offering this only to a small group on a trial basis.

If you’re interested in creating a project, please fill out this form.

You’ll be added to our list of interested learners, and we’ll contact you when there’s an opportunity to create a project.

Know someone else who might be interested? Feel free to tell them about this opportunity.

Guided Projects are short, interactive learning experiences that help learners pick up a particular skill. 

What are the benefits for Community Guided Project creators?

  • Strengthen your own understanding of a topic, develop and practice your teaching skills, or demonstrate your expertise or teaching ability to employers.
  • Millions of Coursera learners around the world will be able to take your project and learn from you.
  • People who create high quality, popular projects may be invited to upgrade their project or create a new one in exchange for payment.
  • Guided Project creators will get a Credly badge and a Coursera Community badge.

As this is an experiment we also want to understand what other benefits participants would hope to get in return for creating a project.

What’s involved in creating a Community Guided Project?

  • Projects typically take around 10–40 hours to create, depending on the length of the project and the level of experience you have with online teaching.
  • You will need to plan a series of tasks and then record a video and a walkthrough for each task to guide the learner through your project.
  • Your project needs to use a freely available online tool, such as Google Sheets, Wordpress, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

What’s the difference between Community Guided Projects and the Guided Projects already on Coursera?

  • Community projects can be created by Coursera community members on any topic of their choice.
  • Community projects are always free for learners to take, don’t include any graded assessments, and don’t include a certificate.
  • Community projects can only use freely-available online tools accessed through a web browser (web applications), not software you download and run from your computer (desktop applications).
  • Community projects go through a much less rigorous review process and are not required to meet the same pedagogical standards.

If you’re interested in creating a project, please fill out this form. If we select you to create a project for this pilot we will contact you within a few weeks.

If you have questions, you’re welcome to reply to this post and I’ll do my best to answer. There’s also a place in the Google form to ask questions. By completing the Google form, you are not committing to anything! 

10 replies

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Great move by Coursera. It will help us gain confidence and be able to share our skills and knowledge with learners globally. It’s a great way to make an impact in the lives of many.

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Coursera is the best thing that happened in my life, they are noble, respectful and above all they provide the opportunity for one to excel intellectually.

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This is great news!
I would like to take part.
But I have a question. Can I make 2 versions of the course: in English AND in Russian?


i want to join!:smiley:


In this question: “Which online tool(s) would you use for the project(s) you create?” I chose an app that has to be downloaded, like Visual Studio Code (my bad). There are other online options. Codepen is one of them. Should I submit another form and remove VS Code, to add Codepen?

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Hi @Aleksei Zadoinyi – this is a possibility, yes. Please complete the form if you haven’t already, and you can indicate that you’re interested in both languages.

@German Bobadilla – there’s no need to submit another form. I’ve added Codepen to your response. :) 


Hi. I would like to know if after some amount of people enrolled in may course project I can charge some money to those who want  to take it.

Where can I find online courses offered?



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Where can I find online courses offered?


Hello @Apdisamad ali yuusuf 2233 

You can access the free projects offered by Coursera community project network via this link .

Hope this helps.



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Will I get feedback on the form?
I submitted the form a week ago. I would like to know if my application has been reviewed. Maybe I don't fit, then I would rather know about it.
If I fit, I would also like to get an answer, because I will need to reserve time to work on the course.

It would also be great to get tutorials on how to work with the platform (I have experience as a mentor and teacher, but these are regular coursera tools, not Rhyme).