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Why is data called collection of facts?

  • 31 March 2021
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Why data is called collection of facts but not collection of information  ?

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Hi @Iamkk7

It’s more like the other way. A meaningful collection of data is called information. This is what I think.

Data comes in some bits and pieces. Say, cats, dogs, pen, pencil, 152 etc. That’s why the word facts is used. But when you arrange them into something meaningful, it becomes an information. Like, I have a pet dog named Coco who is 2 years old.

It’s just like grammar. You can think of it as data as nouns and information as the sentence.

I just tried to explain very simply in my own words. You can always look up on the internet for more!

Difference between Data and Information | Data vs Information



Also data is a record, a digital record of information, it also can be in many forms not just numbers and letters it may also be a picture and image. The amount of data grows each and every year, imagine how much data we will have in just 10-more years. It’s incredible to even think of the amount.