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Why are you interested in data sciences ?

  • 8 December 2018
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I was interested in knowing why people are interested in Data Sciences the hype is quite high now, and i am wondering why makes data sciences so interesting for you?

Below i'm reflecting on my own way; trying to explain why i am investing so much time in learning now ;

I am a 30 year old european guy who loves travelling, nature and playing chess; And i try to enter data sciences;
I just left my last job to invest more time in learning ; my interest grew for everything tech and data in my last job actually; I was fortunate enough to work directly with private equity analysts or institutional investors backing start ups ; or the large strategic consulting global firms (MBB type etc) , who consult for digitization, IoT , Industry 4.0, Marketplace, Cloud for different sectors, O&G, automotive, banking and insurances, energy, construction and real estate, FMCG, chemicals, or retail, etc;

That's when and I started programming after hours; I learned some python, r, mainly with Coursera or Datacamp; I already used the vba daily; I generaly tend to become very quickly obsessed with a particular technology or domain (blockchain, data sciences, neural network, or, ect). This allows me to build up and adapt very quickly even if i miss some technical skills now;
Data Sciences is a rapidly evolving field where you need to continually learn new technologies and models. I think this faculty of learning and curiosity can give me an edge;

The business side of data sciences is not to be forgotten; if you want to create a machine learning platform, a dahsboard or a statistical decision model, you still need understand the business applications and be able to sell your findings .

Digging a bit more, I found some stuff that could be interesting to enter a university or to a recruter; my thesis was using data mining of data and texts; and I loved it! At the time, I was using the Tropes software, an open source text-mining GUI (so no programming involved); I did a lot of statistics and algebra in school, so I know I could pick it up again!

i would love to work in "BI”; at the intersection between business and analytics w; work as a consultant would be ideal to understand different aspects of datasciences in different departments, companies and sectors ( tech companies, agriculture , insurances etc ! ;

The machine learning / AI aspect of Data also appeals to me; i am very much interested in working with text for exemple (working with chatbot like cortana, alexa, nlp, translation, fake news detectors, etc); My main interest as a potential data scientist would be mastering stuff like tensorflow or keras; want to become a kind of full stack data scientist and work on my own project :start ups, edtech for example, or travelling apps;

I know it will be a lot of work but I am a determined person ; anyway, AI is the new electricity and its powered with data (as Andrew Ng said) so any investment in data/AI should be a good one ;

3 replies

i am also interested in date science. u are so brave!
Hi! I'm new here, but I would like answer your question.
Well, I'm 18 and I'm from Brazil. To me, Data science is interesting because I started to study Accounting last year and in my classes at university I discovered that despite a growing body of knowledge about Business Inteligence, to manage a vast amount of data and information is still a challenge ahead of us - at least in my coutry.
So few people are able to do it and I wish I was one of them... becase I love Accounting and I love the challenges.
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Hi All;
Data science is the future at this time dicovers much new inventions in the world is the tear of technology how is running and escape the time iam sure the only way can drive world to develop very fast for everyone gives idea to collect theme for one purpose to save world

Good Luck