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What's your favorite application of data science?

  • 5 April 2019
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In this Medium post, Colin Davy writes about how one of his hobbies – sports – got him interested in data science: Sports Is Your Perfect Introduction to Data Science.

What's your favorite application of data science? Did you get into data science because of a hobby or passion for something else?

3 replies

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One of my favorite applications of data science (and data visualization) is this article: A Day in the Life of Americans

Data can tell us so much! It's super powerful, and the sensation of discovering something insightful through data is wonderful.
There's some interesting analysis of Spotify music on this post.

Some questions it aims to answer:
  • What sort of music styles are often featured on Spotify?
  • Do the most popular songs charting follow some sort of pattern?
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Similar to Colin, I also first got interested in data science via sports. I used to read Brian Burke's "Advanced NFL Stats" blog (most articles archived here) and the first data projects I worked on were to try to replicate his win probability model (I used a logistic regression rather than his empirical smoothing method).

Working through challenging play-by-play data was a great experience with how tricky it can be to wrangle real data. But I also saw how rewarding it is to be able to answer complex, strategic questions through a data-driven paradigm. I always recommend that people interested in exploring data science start by tackling a real-world problem where they care about the results 🙂