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What's the best online Data Science course you've taken?

  • 23 October 2018
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(It doesn't have to be a Coursera course!) Why did you like it so much?

12 replies

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Professor Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course is my favorite. While I did not pass the course, for not able to do a part of course work that a Chromebook not equipped to complete, I can move on to new courses and get enough understanding to have meaningful conversations with others. The course also equipped me in seeing the underbelly and issues with Machine Learning.

Great course! Highly recommended.
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Yeah, Andrew Ng's courses are absolutely brilliant! The way he explains everything is very clear and concise and makes perfect sense. I've always wanted to check out Geoffrey Hinton's course as well, but unfortunately, I never had the time.
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Here is a recent piece on WSJ where Professor Andrew Ng shared his outlook of the Job Market of the Future

Some of the courses I like on Coursera:
1. Data Science Specialization, John Hopkins University, This course is very practical and covers the complete Data Science pipeline starting from scratch from Data Manipulation, Visualization, Statistical Analysis to creating consumable Data Models.
2. Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau, Duke University
3. Statistics with R Specialization by Duke University is also an awesome collection of courses.

Outside Coursera:
1. The Analytics Edge, edx, This course was rolled out long time back but content is really nice.
2. Statistical Learning, Stanford Lagunita, This course is still available on Stanford Website and is based on the book "Introduction to Statistical Learning" by Professor Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani

Can't say which one is the best because all are awesome.
I'm looking forward to Andrew Ng's new course AI for Everyone. Hope it will be an awesome one!
The best course for me was Analytics Edge on EdX. I felt it was most practical, and had interesting, even inspiring use cases. Walking through the whole process in R felt more complete than filling out a Jupyter notebook.
Hi Claire,
first of all thank you so much for giving us such a platform to discuss our issues. Coming back to your question.
Andrew Ng’s courses are really helpful in understanding the math behind. Coding algorithms from scratch at least for one time is to my point of view very crucial before starting using libraries such as scikit learn or tensorflow. Applied machine learning offered by University of Michigan is also very helpful in understanding and using scikit learn and other libraries. What I found very helpful in this course was the introduction to pandas and how to clean data and how to prepare data before starting the data science.

After finishing some courses I would really love to see a course where you can work in a team to solve real world problems and discuss between other teams. After such a session team members could rate other members regarding soft Skills. Finally Coursera could come up with a team certificate.
The idea behind it is that data scientists should have also strong soft skills like understanding the problem and communicating with people having different backgrounds and not only understanding the math behind.
Hi Claire,
Thank you so much for asking relevant questions in the community.
I agree with Mile, He has suggested a valid point. I think if a person starts with Machine Learning course by Dr. Andrew Ng and than moves to Applied Machine Learning using python by University of Michigan, He/She would be in a better shape by understanding the Mathematics behind the Algorithms and than implementing them in Applied machine learning course. I would suggest to build projects from scratch on Kaggle after finishing both the courses.
Thank you.
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Hello Claire,

The best course to start is Machine Learning course by Dr. Andrew Ng then Applied Machine Learning using python by University of Michigan.

Best regards, Eric
Machine Learning by Andrew Ng and currently Deep Learning by Andrew Ng are by far the best.
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All courses by Andrew Ng Sir.
It's The reason why I want to major in data science.
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Currently taking IBM's Data Science Specialization, and I've enjoyed it a lot so far! It's pretty good at explaining Data Science and making it an approachable topic for someone who has little experience with the subject.