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Webinar with Vinod, Data Scientist at Coursera

  • 28 October 2018
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Webinar with Vinod, Data Scientist at Coursera
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On January 19th 2018 we started our data science webinar series with a guest from Coursera's data science team. Vinod Bakthavachalam did a live Q&A about his work at Coursera and his advice for getting into data science as a career.

Guest Bio

Vinod is a data scientist at Coursera on the Content Strategy and Enterprise teams where he designs experiments to drive product strategy, builds data products to improve the learning experience, and uses statistical modeling and machine learning to improve decision making. Prior to Coursera he worked in the financial sector at Charles River Associates and Goldman Sachs. Vinod studied economics, statistics and biology at UC Berkeley and Stanford. He is passionate about combining education and technology to create novel solutions that can address structural problems in the global economy.

Webinar Recording

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