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Webinar with Data Scientist at Saudi Telecom Company

  • 28 October 2018
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Webinar with Data Scientist at Saudi Telecom Company
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On March 23rd 2018 we had a webinar guest from within our community! Hossam Elsemellawy is a data scientist at Saudi Telecom Company and also served as a career mentor for MCS-DS students during our pilot mentor match program.

Guest bio

Hossam is a data scientist at the biggest and most profitable operator in the Middle East (Saudi Telecom Company) and specializes in building churn models, propensity models, behavior segmentation, market experiments, sentimental analysis, path analysis plus other business excellence tasks for reviewing campaign activities and propose how to enhance performance using predictive analytics. Prior to STC, Hossam worked with region SAS and Teradata partner, responsible for delivering data science projects to many middle eastern telecom operators, Banks and Oil & gas companies plus delivering statistics and machine learning courses using SAS technology.

Currently Hossam is supporting many aspiring data scientists, whether within Coursera the network or outside it, by providing guidelines, discussing business cases and helping them to link business case with suitable analytical technique. Hossam has a Master's degree in ImmunoInformatics, scientific publications, published book plus professional certifications.

Webinar Recording

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