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Webinar with Alan, Data Scientist at Coursera

Webinar with Alan, Data Scientist at Coursera
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On June 26th 2018 we brought another guest from Coursera to our data science webinar series. Alan Hickey talked about his work at Coursera and his advice for someone wanting to get their first job as a data scientist.

Guest Bio

Alan has been a data scientist at Coursera for almost three years, working mainly with the Learner experience team. He performs exploratory analyses to identify where the learner experience team should invest and evaluates the quantitative impact of product changes on Coursera learners. Alan also builds models to power automated interventions with learners who are at risk of dropout.. Prior to Coursera, Alan studied statistics at UC Berkeley and first became interested in the field because of sports analytics. His first full-scale analytics project was building a win probability model for American football using play-by-play data.

Webinar Recording


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