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Trademark and patent courses – recommendations?

  • 25 March 2019
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Hi @Laura!

I would like to introduce a new topic. I'm interested in machine leaarning because I would like to propose a project within the company I work for. As far as my understanding is concern I understood that Python is the industry standard for machine learning, but it is an interpreter language so every time the customer need to run your program he/she need you source code, meanwhile in C, you can send him the compiled files (.obj).

So the topic is own to protect IP. I found out that on cousera there are courses about trademaek and patent. Do you suggest me to attend them?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards.

1 reply

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Hi @AlexIca82, I've moved your post to its own topic. I don't have experience in this field so I'm not in a position to recommend specific courses. But hopefully there are other community members who can help!