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Study Partner For Data Science/AI/ML/Data Analytics

  • 23 April 2021
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Hey everyone,

This is Ayush from India. I’m new to data science and this community, I just joined the IBM Data Science course and I’m looking for study partners for the above mention fields. Anybody interested can ping me on instagram.

I’m also dedicated towards building my portfolio now, so it’ll fun doing projects and research papers together.


instagram username : ayush_sengar

Thank You 


4 replies


Do you have discord? I will study with you, I am new as well.


Hi there, I have just enrolled in the course as well. Hope we can be great partners with fruitful



Hello, i just get course for data analytics by Google, i hope we can learn the course together and study to improbe our skills.


I am also a beginner. I totally agree if we make a group of learners and learn together, it will be much better than learning alone. In this way, we can share useful materials and can discuss any problem with peers. if anyone is interested, let's make a telegram/signal group so that we can interact more in a fast manner. My number is +91 7409948787. let's learn like a team.