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Student feeback

  • 4 April 2019
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This really made my week. First time I ever received personal feedback from a student here:


Tony Cronin's Post

Tony Cronin · an hour ago
Hi Blaine, I’ve just completed an R for data science qualification (about 400 hours of study). What that course thought me was R, and statistical methodology for their own sake. I’d like now to learn how to use those methods to communicate within my business. To paraphrase prof Glady “oil is of interest to geo scientists, for its composition, but to business it needs to understand its value”. Really enjoying the course so far, thank you for being a mentor 👍

(Blaine Bateman--my response)
Tony--you just just made my week. I'm here to help! I think Dr. Glady is an awesome teacher of how to bring connection and communication into data science! Nobody else really teaches this. He's quite a character, yes?

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