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  • 26 August 2019
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I'm a beginner to Data Science currently studying Machine Learning on coursera and also enrolled IBM Data Science Course. Can anyone give some suggestions regarding the sites/challenges to practice Data Analytics on beginner level. Also what are the best websites to stay tuned on Hackathons/Internships and also updates on AI/ML.

5 replies

You can improve your data science skills by practicing in kaggle website and also you will get opportunity to participate in many hackathons where you will meet data science enthusiasts. I hope it helps you 🙂
If you are interested You can read about data science related topics on

These are very good and professional website to read. I am sure you will like it. hhas best competition and datasets to work on. I am looking for the internship in a company for hands on work experience.
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I have completed the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and number of other Data Science and AI related courses here. What I can suggest is thinking on your own what problems are you interested in solving with data science, finding the right dataset all by yourself, cleaning and wrangling data and then solving the problem. This will help you excel as a data scientist faster then through Kaggle and will actually equip you with the right skills. In my work, just to extract some basic information out of the data, I need to format the data for hours or so. Many data scientists tell that too, you need some proper data wrangling skills, and that is rarely taught on any courses on adequate level - this is done on practice. Kaggle doesn't help either here.
Moreover, doing your own creative projects in the domain you'd like to work in will boost your portfolio far better then Kaggle.

Bro i am new here . I had enrolled to the IBM courses. Can any one tell me how to boost my knowledge in the field of AI and Machine learning
I have graduated with high rank HSC so I want to study long time with members .