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Question for People Who Have Completed IBM Data Science Certificate

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This is a question for people who have completed the IBM Data Science certificate specialization.

So I've completed up to the seventh course of the series - Data Visualization with Python. Compared to any of the previous courses' assignments, the final assignment was quite difficult in that it asked the user to do many things that were beyond the course material. This was a challenge for people who don't have a background in programming.

Would this be a similar situation for the last two courses for completing the specialization? I heard that the capstone project is difficult as well. Are they difficult in the same way - requiring the learner to do a lot of outside research for topics not directly included in the course material?

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Hi @VirtualM. Do you have discussion forums in these courses? If so, I wonder if you'd get a quicker response by posting your question there. I'm sure there are other people who are in a similar situation. I hope some community members can share insights based on their experience with the Specialization. If you do get an answer to your question elsewhere, please let us know what you learn!
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Thanks Laura!


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