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New to the course and community

  • 31 July 2019
  • 6 replies

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I am new student. My course is Machine Learning. I am starting my final year this September and Machine Learning is one of the module.

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Hello @Theophyl2019, that's awesome, good luck!
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Feel welcome @Theophyl2019,
We are glad that introduce yourself, what if you tell us where you are from, in which university are you doing the machine learning course in Coursera?
What field of data science you feel more affinity or do you like more?

Regards and I hope you keep it up with your learning process.
I'm a Isaac Williams, studying Bsc biological science at university of energy and natural resources,Ghana. I joined the program to get more knowledge and also interact with new people.
Hi Everyone, I'm Joey from Malaysia. Just completed my my course "IBM Data Science Professional Certification in Coursera this September. New to this community. This course help developed skills in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Joey Chee

Hello Everyone,

my name is Kwame and I am new here.


Hi all,

I’m from Brazil and I’m studying Machine Learning now, and i want to connect with people who want to learn Machine Learning too.


my linkedin: