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Need Clarification on a SQL Course Question

  • 15 November 2019
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I need clarification on the following question.

Is there a strong relationship (or correlation) between having a high number of fans and being listed as "useful" or "funny?" Out of the top 10 users with the highest number of fans, what percent are also listed as “useful” or “funny”?

0% - 25% - Low relationship
26% - 75% - Medium relationship
76% - 100% - Strong relationship


I am having trouble with this question. At first I thought I would simply need to do a left join and analyze all of the top 10 # of fan users at the review level to see what percentage of their reviews were either funny or useful but after reviewing the question its asking about users being listed as useful or funny themselves. Almost all of the tops users are listed as useful or funny above and beyond the number of fans they have. Is it asking what percentage of their fans also listed them as useful or funny? Where would I get the information on their fans as it doesn't seem to be in the database.

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