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Machine Learning Course - possible mistake in Video

  • 19 December 2018
  • 8 replies

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Course Name: Machine Learning
instructor: Andrew Ng
University: Stanford

chapter: Computing Parameters Analytically
Video & Reading: Normal Equetion

in the video it is said that

is a nxn matrix. i think this is wrong, because if we have n features, and we have x0, which is assumed to be the zero feature, which is always equal 1. than, the dimentions should be (n+1)x(n+1)

also, in the reading there is the following NOTE: "...12:56 - The X matrix is m by (n+1) and NOT n by n. ]..."

i think this NOTE is wrong. in the video it is said that

is nxn matrix, and not that X itself is nxn matrix

i'll appreciate you feedback to know if i'm right or wrong

8 replies

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Hi @moish. I recommend sharing this question in your course discussion forum for the week in which this video appears. You will likely get a quicker response by posting there, as this community has learners taking many different courses.
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Hi Laura,
Please advise how to share this question in a course discussion forum
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Hi @moish. The Help Center has lots of good articles that may be of interest to you.

Here's their article on how to get help with course content in the discussion forums.
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Hi Laura,
I'm probably missing something very basic, but accoring to help center there should be Forums/Discussions option on the left side of the course page ("...Click Forums or Discussions on the left side of the page...."), but I really don't see anything there (see attached screen shot)

Hi @moish,

Please click the illustrated box to get to the Week 2 Forum where you can discuss this video. Or, you can click "Back to Week 2" to get to the main menu. Then, you will see Discussion Forums on the menu. You will need to click it to see the whole list of forums.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for these instructions, @Maryam!
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I'm taking the machine learning course, and i don't have this box under the slide, but an interactive transcript instead.
also, when going back to "Back to week 2", I don't have Discussion Forums on the menu.
I tried with both Chrome and Mozilla web browsers.
please advise
@moish, please click this link and post a screenshot of what you view on your screen.


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