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Jupyter Notebook: Control Panel not showing.

  • 29 May 2020
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I am trying to follow instruction in my course, but the Jupyter  “Control Panel” is missing in the top right hand side of the webpage.


I don’t see a way to contact support on the help center pages and don’t see the question answered, so hopeful that someone can either answer the question here or tell me how to contact the help center.



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Please go to the forum for the particular week and see if your concern is shared by others too. Is so, there would definitely be a solution.

2. The course normally contains a reading on how you can create your own Jupyter Notebooks. Follow these instructions or see a YouTube video on the topic.

3. In case you have no option but to contact Coursera, there's a 'help ' icon provided in the Coursera  app. This allows you to either chat with the technical team or send an email if they are very busy. You'll get a reply promptly. It would be better if you provide them with all details of the course and send a screenshot of the problem.

Hope one of the methods works.