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Is there any totally free data science course

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Apart from the 7 days free trial mode, is there any completely free course? since I tried searched "free" keyword, it retrieved nothing.

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You can audit this course for free. When you audit a course, you can access the course materials without graded assignments or the ability to earn a certificate.
Auditing a course doesn't earn certificate but you can learn anyway.
You can apply for the Financial Aid, if you are eligible you will be granted.
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Hi @Alicia! As @adityaraman has said, many Coursera courses can be audited (taken for free). Here you can read about what is available to you when you audit a course: Enrollment options.

Here's a list of popular Coursera courses that are entirely free – it includes Machine Learning, offered by Stanford: Popular Free Courses.

And this 2018 article is about 1150+ Coursera courses that are still completely free.


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