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Introducing the IBM Coder Challenge

  • 12 December 2018
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Introducing the IBM Coder Challenge
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Join us for a webinar with Romeo Kienzler, Global Chief Data Scientist at IBM Watson IoT. Romeo will be talking about the IBM Coder Challenge, which will enable data scientists to get some experience with realistic data sets and tasks. The challenges are tied to the Advanced Data Science with IBM Specialization. Solve the coding challenge and get the first month of the specialization free. Visit the IBM Coder site to start the challenge!

The webinar took place on Friday Dec 14, 2018.

Webinar Recording

Questions asked and answered in the webinar include:
  • Can you tell us more about generative adversarial networks (GANs)?
  • Will GANs be covered in the IBM specialization?
  • Will ethics be covered in the IBM specialization?
About the Speaker

Romeo Kienzler is Global Chief Data Scientist and DeepLearning/AI Engineer at IBM Watson IoT and as IBM Certified Senior Architect he helps clients worldwide to solve their data analysis challenges.

He holds an M. Sc. (ETH) in Computer Science with specialisation in Information Systems, Bioinformatics and Applied Statistics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. He works as an Associate Professor for artificial intelligence at a Swiss University and his current research focus is on cloud-scale machine learning and deep learning using open source technologies including TensorFlow, Keras, DeepLearning4J, Apache SystemML and the Apache Spark stack. He also contributes to various open source projects.

He regularly speaks at international conferences including significant publications in the area of data mining, machine learning and Blockchain technologies. Romeo is lead instructor of the Advanced Data Science Specialization on Coursera with courses on Scalable Data Science, Advanced Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Applied AI with DeepLearning. Recently his latest book on Mastering Apache Spark V2.X has been translated into Chinese.

Romeo Kienzler is a member of the IBM Technical Expert Council and the IBM Academy of Technology – IBM’s leading brain trusts. #ibmaot

4 replies

I would like to solve the coding challenge and get the first month of the specialization free. However, I could not figure out which challenge I am supposed to do after visiting the IBM Coder site and how exactly the link between the coursera platform and IBM Coder works once I complete the challenge. Could someone help me and provide more details?
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Hello Pedro,

Have a look at the "Applied AI" challenges on the landing page of IBM Coder site.

Best regards, Eric
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Just a small thing, but would you mind posting the webinar links as clickable links? Rather than a URL people need to copy and paste. Us mathematicians are lazy 😋
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Good Morning

ifind courses productive to follow in this field very nice to understand All how the IBM process since one mounth iam learning this courses ihave got probleme icouldn't to give access to my platforme because code phone missed or error ,novalid iwaiting solution from ibm cloud to fixe me it for continue my courses
Best wishes,