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How to learn Machine Learning on fast tract

  • 21 December 2019
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Hi friends

I want to implement machine learning for classification problem, i have the dataset but the problem is that i am new to python programming and knows little concepts of machine learning.

can you people suggest me some courses or literature that can boost my speed on the right track so that i can achieve my work in short time.

I shall be highly thankful to all of you.

6 replies

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Check out Might be some resources fhere to help you out, particularly with Python.



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One can do Fundamentals of Machine Learning by University of Washington on Coursera, hackerrank website provides many challenges that a student can learn

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Thanks friends.

I have started watching the the course of University of Washigton. Hope it will work.

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If you are already familiar with programming you should not have too much trouble getting acquainted with Python. Becoming proficient in machine learning (and artificial intelligence) will take significantly more effort. In my opinion it would be beneficial to partner up with somebody like-minded (but more experienced) and work through the problem.


Search for basic classification techniques. Start exploring from

  1. Logistic Regression
  2. Decision trees/Random forest 

You can find python code very easily on the internet along with interpretation of the results. For every algorithm/concept you will find a coursera course here. Once you are comfortable here move to advanced methods

  1. Neural networks
  2. Naive bayes
  3. Linear discriminant analysis
  4. KNN
  5. Lasso & ridge regression ( to list a few)


Some of these algorithms have strong base on statistics. So this book called Introduction to statistical learning (commonly known as ISLR) by Tibshirani and Trevor Hastie is available for free in the internet, it’ll help

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Thanks friends now i have learned with the basic conepts of mahine learning and want to dig into programming and test and train my data.
Could you please suggest me some direct links to start with codes and see the results