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How do I pivot my career from Accounting to data science/analytics?

  • 29 September 2020
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Graduated with an undergrad in accounting from a really unknown school. Eventually got my first job in accounting (T&E,AP, AR, bankrec and so on). Working at this first job I realized I didn't like doing the basic journal entries. But inspiration from this jobs industry, I wanted to learn more about accounting systems/analytics.

So went for a graduate degree in data analytics/accounting information systems, but have not been able to pivot out of accounting roles. My job after that was consulting in internal audit then tax (both minor roles). Now currently I'm doing financial reporting, doing income statements/balance sheet and the like, but still not really data analytics.

How can I pivot my experience and primarily my education for a data analyst type position?

Currently trying to teach myself some python and R, which I did in my grad school courses but didn't go indepth. Grad school courses touched on Tableau, SPSS, R, SQL, and SAP (MM, PP, FI, CO, SD modules),

2 replies

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I have been unsuccessful in getting a current employer to help me pivot.  If your luck runs the way mine did, you will have to change jobs and stress what you learned in grad school and de-emphasize what you have done to date in your CV.  Also, does your grad school offer career counseling?  Often, they can help you use the skills you learned there to get a job in that field.  Good luck.  Pivoting is difficult.

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Kaggle problems, and then actual practical industry experience on great products and with great peers
It depends on the demand of a particular skill and your experience with the skill. I know many Non-CS’ers have changed their careers and come into CS, AI. 
Its a hot place to be in - currently