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How do I enter as an intern after completing IBM Data science?

  • 1 November 2019
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I am from India. I succesfully completed professional certificate course on Data science powered by IBM on 28th october. I am planning to do Internship and start career as a data scientist. I applied to various Companies via linkedIn in india as well as Europian Union. Nobody is responding. What shall I do? Should I do more courses? Should I attach my capstone project? I am hopeless.

Please give advice. 

8 replies

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MRManeesh Narayanan as we know Data science is a very vast field nowadays. The IBM data science professional certificate will help you to show that you have done a certification. But nowadays every company wants a project that what have you done. so I give you a suggestion to make new projects with the help of machine learning and data science that helps you to get a job easily and you will find many new things when you are working on a project.

I will suggest you go through the website that helps you to find a project:-






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Hi @ADITYA RAJ. Congratulations on successfully completing your Professional Certificate! Have you visited the Professional Certificate Alumni Resources forum here? There are some resources there that could be helpful. You can also connect with other people who have completed the same Professional Certificate. 


Hello Maneesh,

If you are looking for an internship Internshala will be a good option. Build your profile and resume well so that you will get shortlisted. 

Good Luck!!


congratulations! Maneesh

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Congratulation Maneesh. I have also completed the same certification now . Is there any company who provide internship in Canada.

Presently I practicing on IBM coder and started on Kaggle.

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Can anybody will help me give information about Kaggle? I am interested in learning it 

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Hi Trupti,

Kaggle is best online platform to practice the machine learning. There are need to join them. 

You can contact me via 

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Are there any courses for learning Kaggle? Does Coursera provide one?