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Hello Data scientist!

  • 15 January 2019
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My name is Armel Djangone. I am a PhD student in the Analytics and Decision Support program at Dakota State University. I took several classes in data science including Big Data Analytics, Data warehousing, and Data mining, Predictive analytics. I am currently taking the data science professional certificate in order to develop new skills in data science and get a job in data science by the end of the course.
Any recommendations/ feedbacks on my career change efforts would be greatly appreciated.


3 replies

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Dear achagnou
Iam very happy to read you this is an excellent new from you about your data skills ifind it great and encouraging iwish you abig success
Best wishes,
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Hi @achagnou. Welcome to the Coursera community! We recently launched the Data Science Academy, which may be a useful resource for you. We're also hosting data science webinars here in the community. You can let us know which topic(s) interest you most here: What do you want data science webinars about?
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Thank you Laura and Bahamas2020