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Deployement ML model Rstudio on Azure

  • 5 March 2021
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Hello world,

 I’m searching how can I deploy Rstudion ML custom model on azure, have you idea ?



4 replies

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Way 1: Use Databricks notebooks on Azure to write and execute your R code

Way 2: I also think you can also do it in a container. And have the container running on Azure.

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Thank you for your answer, i show you this tutoriel about deploying ML azure on azure,, can you tel me if i can use this way ? 


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Yes, I guess the tutorial looks like it wants to deploy an R model on Azure. You can try doing it. Use a free Azure trial.

I personally don’t use R. I use Python or Java. And hence my solutions, Way1 and Way 2 were much more basic and applicable to Python or Java or any other language. They are the solutions I would think of first i.e either to use a notebook or to containerize the model code and run it as a service.


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Devp, Thank you very much for your answer, I also use python but for my project I’ve no choice.