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I saw somewhere that this course was free to audit and I actually had it in my account I believe but now it is gone and it seems like there is only a free trial option. Did they decide to eliminate the audit option?

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Coursera has a very good Help Center, you can contact there for your queries you will definitely get assistance.
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Hi @mLstudent33 – did you find an answer to your question?
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@Laura No, I have not.
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Hi @mLstudent33. You should be able to audit each of the Deep Learning Specialization courses but you can't audit the entire Specialization at once. If you want to audit the first course in the Specialization, click on that link to go to the course description and then click the "Enroll" button. You should then have the option to audit: Neural Networks and Deep Learning. You can also apply for financial aid for the course if you'd like to get full course access and earn a certificate. You can read more in the FAQ on that page.
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Hi Laura,

Thank you! I knew Andrew and Coursera wouldn't leave us starving students out in the cold. I finally figured out how to mount Google Drive to Colab so I can squeeze another year or two out of my no-GPU Lenovo T420...

Coursera has already given me a full scholarship for NandtoTetris which I only completed about 80% when I thought I got what I needed out of the course (basic understanding of assembly and hardware) so my next question is, what is your policy for people like me? Would I have to finish the other course before being considered for more financial aid? I actually should finish it as the second part of that course which is more on building the OS is important to me too.


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