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Data Science specialization problems

  • 26 April 2021
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Hey guys am I the only one receiving problems with projects ? I get reviewed but it never shows my results. 

3 replies

Hi @Deswil

You mean this is a peer-graded assignment, right? If so, perhaps you have not received enough reviews yet. This post covers this type of issue:

However, if you are referring to a different type of project, do let me know.

Best of luck!

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Good day, I had made a few mistakes on my resubmitted assignments however people are still not reviewing the current one.  My time for coursera is almost due, no one replies to my discussion forum. I generally understand because the coding was kind of tough for that project. Next time I wish there could be a review before submitting the assignment to ask if the assignment was easy for you or not then in that way we wont have to wait for 2 or more people to review.  Onlly one person reviewed my course but I unfortunately need more people but they are not there because it takes time to finish that data anaylisis.

Oh, I see. You believe since it is a difficult task, not everyone can do it just on time, and it may turn the review process into a longer process. Please note that you could get help from the support team, as mentioned in the shared topic above. To reach them, you can use the options provided on this page.