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Data Science is a new emerging field and Data Scientist are considered to be the Sexiest Job of 21st Century. There are lot of Beginners in this field. Any Guidance for them, How they can be on the right track and learn new things in this field.
How they can start, and how they can keep up the pace, so that they keep learning new things constantly.

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How they can start:
To get started in the field one must first build a solid understanding of what data science is. Know the main processes and establish a trail of what you intend to achieve within the various paths. Look for good quality material and good bibliographical references.
Fill in what you need in algebra, programming language and statistics.

how they can keep up the pace and keep learning new things constantly:
Start with small projects and see third-party projects. Read many articles in data science and machine learning fields. Consume technical content from sources or professionals recognized in the market.
In addition to the above, I found the "Applied Data Science in Python" specialization on Coursera by University of Michigan particularly helpful for beginners


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