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  • 21 November 2018
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I am working as Revenue Analyst in a Hotel and interested in shifting my career towards being a Data Analyst. I have workable knowledge of Excel and would like to know which course will be most helpful for a beginner like me to opt?

4 replies

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Hi @Nitesh - thank you for your question! Very glad to hear that you're interested in transitioning to a Data Analyst career. There are 3 good specialization options to start with --
  1. Excel for Business (Macquarie)
  2. Data Analysis and Presentation Skills (PwC)
  3. Introduction to Data Analytics for Business (Colorado)
Take a look and see what you think. You can select specific courses of interest or take the whole specialization, depending on your goals.

Let me know if you have more followup questions. Thanks!
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Hi Nitesh,

I'd recommend learning python as a way of broadening your skill base and gaining additional analysis tools outside of Excel.

There are many places to learn python online, here's a link to Coursera's selection:

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Hello Nitesh,
Below are my recommendations:
Python Programming 3 Specialization (Newly Introduced Specialization from the University of Michigan)

Statistics with Python Specialization (University of Michigan)
Excel Skills for Business Specialization (Macquaire University)

having mastered Python Scripting knowledge and statistical mathematical aptitude,

Check out Advanced Business Analytics (University of Colorado) and Data Analysis and Presentation Skills Specialization (The PWC Approach).

Hey there,

I have done my B.COM and PGDM in Marketing Management...a complete non technical fellow who is now willing to step into the world of Data science…

Could anyone please help me to understand the ecosystem in Data it like Data analytics followed by AI and then Data science?.... please let me know the same.

Guide me with the best course available over Coursera to get started for a complete non technical fellow.

Much appreciate your help and support in this regard in advance.

Keep flourishing…

Sourav Roy.