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Can IBM Data Science Professional Certificate help me to reenter the work force?

  • 21 November 2019
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Hi There, I am new here. I want to ask your opinion on this. I will not take it personal but I do want to hear some advice.

I have a MS in CIS from 1998. I worked 4 years as Oracle DBA before we moved overseas for my husband’s job. I then became a stay-at-home mom, but I always stayed active. I did part-time purchasing for an import/export company, ( we moved again to overseas right before I was about to became a full-time purchasing manager). When we moved back 3 years ago,  I got my real estate agent license and have being working as part time realtor. I am also very active in school PTA and in the community. Looking back, I used and enjoyed using my data analysis skill not only for the purchasing job but helping with school rezoning, school board election, and etc.

I am seriously considering going back to work full time. I think my strength is to present the data analysis to help with the real life solutions.

I took an online course Python For Data Science, and I am surprised how much I still remember and how easy I understand the principles. That being said, I don’t think I know the language well to be a programmer but barely saying I am still familiar with the concept.

I fully understand how difficult it might be for a stay-at-home mom to go back to work. I am willing to update my knowledge. But given the reality, I really want to know if I have a shot on this.





3 replies


I can’t speak about the specific value of this particular certificate in re-entering the workforce, but as Brian Tracy says “Everything Counts”, so it will certainly not hurt, and it should help. In short, you definitely have a shot. The most important thing is to keep moving forward.  By the by if you’re at all interested in a more software development/web development tangent then have a look at  In particular have a look at the FreeCodeCamp discussion subforum dedicated to data science:


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Thank you so much wprins for your kind words, suggestions and encouragement . I will definitely check out the forum.

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There is people who follow the progress and those who create it. 

best of luck