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Can I work from home as part of the global team?

  • 16 July 2019
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I am 51 years old full time employee, I need to attend to my ageing parents in the near future. I want to remain employed , but work from home so that I can attend to my parents whenever required and also do my assigned work with flexible timings. I have done about 45-50 MOOC since 2016 in data science, that includes statistics, python, R, Visualizations, Machine Learning, Big Data on platforms like Coursera, EDx, Udemy. I am currently doing Moocs in data science on Udemy and Coursera. I have recently completed 4 badges on IBM cognitive class.

4 replies

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Look for the jobs which allow you to work remotely.
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Hello @MAUNIKPAN, you can apply for many remote-work jobs in Data Science or any other field through LinkedIn.
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hey maunikpan you can apply or work as a freelancer in online world .
there are some really cool sites such as , etc.,
you can make an account in those platforms make your profile and get jobs which are posted .