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Applied Data Science w/ Python specialization

  • 7 February 2019
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I'm new to Coursera and trying to figure out the ideal specialization to start with as I begin the journey of learning data science and data/information visualization. Can anyone tell me how much existing content area knowledge is needed for an "intermediate" specialization? I'm (brand) new to programming, and am currently working my way through the Teaching Company's 24-lecture course on introductory programming with Python, and plan to follow that with Udemy's complete data science bootcamp w/ Python. Will that bring me to a point where I am ready to dive into the Applied Data Science with Python specialization here? Or should I plan to also take one of the two beginner-level Python specializations here prior to starting ADSwP? The ADSwP page doesn't list any recommended prerequisites for the specialization.


4 replies

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Good morning @mapriv !

I've been there, I know exactly what you mean by that. I can only tell you that it's up to you.

Begginer's level means that you'll start steps. While the Intermediate level will go a little bit faster because the instructor is assuming that you already know a lot of these.

For both levels you must know how to code in Python (you mentioned Python), at least the basics.

So, do you want to go slowly and get everything from the course and the instructor (maybe search a little bit on the net?!) or do you want to go faster and fill in the gaps that you'll find by yourself?
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Firstly, it should be mentioned that the Michigan does have a "Python For Everybody" specialisation that should give you all the required skills.

I personally have completed that specialisation and it took me about two months (doing it after work + weekends), and I have prior experience. I mention this because in my opinion they are not that many courses out there that are "truly difficult". Rather, things are better thought of as an expression of time.

If it took me 2 months then maybe it will take you 6. If you are happy with this pace then I'd recommend giving it a go.
Since ADSP was annouced "intermediate" specialization and my python knowledge was almost zero, i prepared myself with Python Programming: A Concise Introduction by Wesleyan University . I was able to complete the full ADSP course with this quick preparation. However, it was not easy.
I completed Python 3 Programming Specialization - University of Michigan and feel like I gained enough knowledge to do the Applied Data Science with Python specialization. So far I'm in week 4 of the first course of the specialization (Introduction to Data Science in Python) and I'm doing fine. However, it takes me longer to complete the course than the suggested hours.