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Andrew Ng - Machine Learning assignment 3 submission error

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iam trying to submit my assignment but its showing this error

Error in submitWithConfiguration (line 4)

part_variable = parts(conf);

previously iam tried 

part_variable = parts_function(conf);




but now both are not working please help me iam getting so much irritation because of this drop the full file code if you have i will paste and try to submit

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Hi @Tarun04,

The good thing about the Machine Learning course is that some very active mentors continually answer learners' questions. If you post your problem in the related week forum in your course, you'll get help. Besides, please take a look at the pinned threads in the related week forum. The mentors have pinned some threads on common error messages that learners often experience. 

Hope this helps.

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Dear Tarun04:

IAppreciate your thread ifind it excellent but something you must know it send your Assignment link that can give review toward earn grad 

Best Wish,