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Access dashDB (or DB2) using ibmdb from Python notebook

  • 20 December 2018
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i am doing data science certificate with coursera (ibm) and am at course 5, SQL and Databases.
I am having a problem connecting to my DB2. I have used the connection credentials and connection methods as per some articles and cant still access the database.

This is my assignment end the deadline is near.
The last line on the notebook after %load_ext sql is: %sql ibm_db_sa://
I am getting this message after inputting connection credentials and connection method;

userError:line magic function %sql not found

Can someone help on the necessary steps i need to follow to connect to the database?


1 reply

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Hi @fungayism. Have you asked about this in your course discussion forum? I'm thinking you may get a quicker response there if it's related to an assignment.


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