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  • 31 July 2020
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Is Statistics is essential for enter into this field ?

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Cordial greetings esteemed @poojavasudevan

Statistic and Data Science are very correlated, since in a few word i can say as my opinion, the one measure based in formulas, threshold and models to understand the data. And Data Science it’s using that process in computing programming by achieving more performance and velocity in large data sets, also have to bear in mind that data science is a many topics together.

-pic take in the websearch for give a visual interpretation.


Therefore, cheers up, it’s amazing path and journey, it’s never to late to start, nevertheless, we are in the right time to appreciate very much this field that is growing up exponentially, to much amazing and interesting things can be done by using DS, my best.


Feel welcome to introduce yourself, where are you from, what course are you doing and how has been your learning experience.



Kind regards.  

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The short answer is YES.  A good data scientist should be as fluent in statistics as he/she is in addition or subtraction.    I largely agree with Luis’ Venn diagram above, except that I would have overlap between AI, ML , and data mining on one hand and statistics on the other.  Statistics keeps us honest about how confident we are about the conjectures and inferences we make.  

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Thanks for your reply….also I had a another doubt about different fields of data science...it is essential to choose one field then only I can explore my knowledge in that particular field which I choosed . give me some idea about various fields of DS  .