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A career path in Data Analytics

  • 3 April 2019
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I would like to share my experience as I journey towards Data Analytics, my passion and the career path I appreciate for myself. It has not been easy, I started the data analytics Journey using Macroes in Excel in a Telecommunication industry and after which I started doing analysis using Excel pivots, charts, e.t.c. Over the years my passion grew towards Data Analytics and I took my first course in Coursera: Data Driven Decision Making with PWC, this launched me into proffessionalism, after which I did: Problem Solving Skill using Excel, to SQL, Tableau, now am learning Python to analyze data. It has been a journey and the challenging aspect now is currently my job is not analytics of data but presales in an IT company. Another challenge am facing now is learning statistics such as Probability, regression model e.t.c.

In summary, in pursuit of Data Analytics as a career, what I can see is, the higher you go in learning, the more challenging it becomes.

1 reply

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Hi @Chinelo_Okafor. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Coursera Community! It sounds like a lot of your learning has been self-driven. Have you seen this post? How do you stay motivated? You may want to share your tips!

Is it difficult to find jobs in data analytics where you live? Have you met any data analysts who have been able to give you helpful advice on your career journey?