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Specialization suggestion : Financial Engineering and Risk Management

  • 5 April 2019
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Columbia Uni has 2 wonderful courses on Financial Engineering and Risk Management in the form of Part I and Part II. Its a shame that the two courses are not clubbed together in the form of a specialization, it simply does not make sense to keep two parts of the course separately and a learner can't get a consolidated certificate even after completing both the courses. Coursera staff/@Claire please take a note and urge Columbia Uni to club these two courses together to form a specialization. I am not asking for a new course, it should be a simple process of clubbing two existing coursera courses from same Uni, taught by the same professors, on the same subject. I hope someone from Coursera takes a note and does the needful to delight the students around the globe. Thanks.

5 replies

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Thank you for the suggestion, @nasimakhtar. I understand your point.
Hi @Laura , I am so glad my post could get your attention. I would really appreciate if you can let me (and others) know how the discussion with Columbia goes and if the specialization plan would see the light of the day and if yes, how soon the same would be available for the students. I know you have a lot on your plate but if you can keep me posted on this by commenting on this thread once you have some info/progress, it would certainly be great. Thank you once again for your time. Cheers!
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Hi @nasimakhtar. Currently, Specializations are composed of 4 to 7 courses. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any plans to change this in the near future.
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Hi @Laura , Can you kindly share the links of those 7 courses pertaining to Financial and Risk Management ?

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Hi @Dhaval Chheda. You can find any courses related to financial and risk management by searching on www.coursera.org. My earlier post about Specializations having 4 to 7 courses was a general statement about how all our Specializations are created, in response to the suggestion in the original post to have a Specialization of 2 courses.