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Specialization suggestion: Capital Markets

  • 6 September 2019
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As I have seen in Coursera, there are lots of courses in financial markets, though the problem is that they are either courses on general finance or a ton of courses on risk management. There is no single course or specialization devoted to capital markets, that cover such topics as:
  • Clearing and settlement process
  • How do the brokerage houses function
  • How is trading done in stock exchanges
  • How is technical analysis aka japanese candlesticks is done
  • How is fundamental analysis in terms of the whole market (top-down approach) is done
  • Sustainable capital markets and SDGs in finance
  • Transparency in capital markets and fraud prevention
  • Clearing and settlement of derivatives
  • Transborder clearing between exchanges in different countries (aka Clearstream and Euroclear)
  • How are IPO and IPO carried out
  • Underwriting process
  • Listing processes
  • Stock exchange indices aka Dow Jones, S&P 500, DAX
Currently, there are 60 stock exchanges in the world, that together employ hunderds of thousands of people, and brokerage houses that employ millions of people from capital markets industry. There are already professional certificates like that offered by New York Institute of Finance on EdX, however, they are very pricy and cost over 200 dollars per course, which is not affordable for the majority of people from developing countries working in the capital markets industry, neither they include all of the above mentioned topics in enough depth.

By now, these universities that offer foundational courses in financial markets in Coursera or risk management/trading courses could possibly offer the specialization I am suggesting.

Thank you for your attention and I hope the specialization I am suggesting will be considered. I would also love to beta-test it or even help with the development as someone from the industry.


2 replies

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Great idea @Fordaemdur . This would give a practical and in depth knowledge on Capital Markets and subjects related to it to the candidates enrolling for it. 

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Indeed, that is a great idea! The course “Financial Markets” from the Yale University, covers some parts from your list, but in my view not deep enough.

I also thinked about a enrollment in the courses from the NYIF on edX, but as you wrote, they are too expensive for one course. When Coursera would be offered these or from a different University, courses for a normal fee i personally would consider to enroll. Another option is a specialization for maybe 50 or 70 US-Dollar per month. This is in my view also a option i would consider.

I hope Coursera consider our suggestions and they can offer in the near future.