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Feminism (and its history), Gender equality etc.

  • 10 March 2020
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Hello dear Coursera people!

I hope this is the right place. I’m on Coursera since quite a few years and so thankful for everything I’ve learned here!

But, one thing comes to my mind quite often while browsing the courses: There are no real courses about Feminism, the history of feminism and important people in this history, why it is so important, gender quality… You reach such an international and diverse group of people here and I think many, many people would greatly benefit from learning about these topics!

For me, personally, what I would like to achieve with this course: I’ll start/continue studying Psychology soon, and I’ll either plan to focus on Psychology of Health/(Global) Public Health Research later, or Reseach somewhere in the fields of Feminism (or maybe something that combines both? So many possibilities!), and for that I was hoping for some MOOCs (or series of those) to get a solid foundation to work with. I think many universities would be able to produce some great courses about these topics!

Thanks for reading :)


2 replies

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Dear Sarah,

I share the same concerns with you, I found very few courses some of them are :

1-International Women’s Health and rights.

2- Confronting Gender Based Violence. Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers.

I hope to find something let’s say about women objectification , or women representation in the media, about gender inequality.

I will search the site from time to time and if I found something new I will inform you.

Best Wishes.

Ali Wajd Harfouch


I think its amust to diffrentiate between feminism and its radical form , equality may not be good all the way ,it is about justice , an example if you do sport like boxing it's not fair to compete a man of the same weight , and the olympic games do this in running and other games , https://youtu.be/b6c-1ZyflVw